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Lefkara Lace Coaster. 1 set has 6 pieces of coaster. Case is also hand made.

Its radius is 9 cm.

120,00 TL

Lefkara Picture

Lefkara cubit (arşın) work.

Frame and background colour can be changed.

Measurement: Approximately 20cm*30cm.

600,00 TL

Lefkara Lace with Evil eye

Knitting frame and leather has been used at the back side.

Its radius is 13cm.

200,00 TL

Box for Business Card

Box for Business card.

Measurment: Approxmately 10cm*13cm.

300,00 TL

Star Square Table Cover

Traditional Star Square (Yıldız kare)  patterns.

Measurement: 30cm*70cm.

Irish Linen and French DMC Tread using.

950,00 TL

Lefkara Hand Beg

Hand beg

80,00 TL