Lefkara corner is a trade mark which is in service under the trade name SU-HA tic. SU-HA tic is active in producing and marketing of Cyprus hand crafts since 1987 . Today we are at a level that we supply job opportunity to more than 200 women in the whole Cyprus. 
In time SU-HA tic. became the best producer of the Lefkara lace by, using the best and most experienced ladies in this  area and being loyal to the traditional designs. Besides, SU-HA tic. is one of the rare shops that one can find the original pieces of the Lapta lace. At the same time it's a place that traditional  silk cocoon products can be found.
There is a great effect and importance of the traditional activities and behaviours and culture in shaping and improvement of the ownership feelings ...... In this point of view the hand crafts are not only an income subject or an element only reflecting our culture but is also very important that with this hand crafts we prove that we belong to this country.
Under today's conditions day by day It is being difficult to revitalize and keep alive those traditional hand crafts which reached us from our past and are the value we owe to our children. It is the basic goal of our firm to have these products reached to the future generations in their original and self owned shape and quality.
SU-HA tic is a  great firm, with its share holders for solution, crowded number of workers and serious amount of stocks which is ready to meet your orders as soon as possible.